“Wylie Wilson was created with my belief that every woman deserves to experience the uniqueness of her beauty,” says Peta Wilson.  “My favorite thing about being an artist is the intangible moment when you hit your creative stride. Passion and inspiration is transferred into your ART, be it performance, painting or design. That’s the magic. The Transference to another; experienced, through the senses, seen, heard, touched, held or worn.”

The Wylie woman feels this magic in a metal-free, luxuriously comfortable bra that looks as beautiful as it feels. With no uncomfortable wiring at all, Wylie bras are also perfect for post-operative breast cancer survivors. Sensitive to these women so often faced with the disheartening process of finding functional yet thoroughly female undergarments, Wylie has forged an alliance with the esteemed Dr. Joel A. Aronowitz, former Chief, Division of Plastic Surgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, and leader of the Breast Preservation Foundation. The BPF serves to educate and empower women to ask more questions about their health before making permanent and life-altering decisions.

Wilson explains, “It’s simple.  It’s our right as women, no matter what size or in what state of health, to feel good about ourselves. Women’s sexuality doesn’t diminish when facing the various challenges that breast cancer presents. Women are strong, intelligent and brave; that’s what I want to express with the Wylie brand.”  Not merely giving lip service to the cause, Wylie’s wear-it-forward policy means that every time a customer purchases a bra at a Wylie store, she guarantees a free bra for a sister fighting breast cancer. With the philosophy that fuels Wylie, and the line’s association with Dr Aronowitz and the Breast Preservation Foundation (http://www.breastpreservationfoundation.org/), Wilson has found the perfect marriage.  “It’s time to celebrate our bodies.”

Each garment is carefully crafted at the Wylie art house in Venice Ensuring every product creates both and enticing and memorable experience for our customer. I have brought personality to my lingerie. The combination of my experiences in visual media And my youthful memories in Papua New Guinea have inspired me. It is the foundation on which I am building a luxury lifestyle brand that is beautiful And can make a difference. A brand for the un-brand able encompassing the sprit of the Wylie woman. That secret part in all of us that is iconic. We are at our best evocative rather than provocative… Authentic, free, naturally sophisticated slightly untamed and most definitely walks to the beat of her own drum. A woman’s day is an adventure. My unique designs can be worn as undergarments, outer garments and even swimwear. Luxurious and intricate one of a kind pieces can be custom made to fir your own shape and size. Our bra’s are special, they will list and support with no under wire. All are adjustable up to 8 inches with the multi function of a cross back, T back and halter Can be worn like a holster with a strapless dress. Our flagship Abbott Kinney boutique in Venice CA features the collaborative efforts of Wylie With the works of artists and other designers hand in hand. I’m excited and grateful to share my collections with you.

My best in everything always
Peta Wilson x
“Whenever any one stands up and says wait a minute, this is wrong It helps other do the same”


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